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Copper & Brass manufacturing Industries


Copper & Brass manufacturing companies engaged in rolling, drawing and extruding copper, brass, bronze, and other copper & brass base alloy basic shapes such as plate, strip, bar and tubing. These processes include rod manufacturing in which molten copper and brass is formed into rod through a rolling process. This process typically uses a water-base emulsion for cooling and lubrication of the rolling mill. This coolant must be continuously filtered to eliminate the particle which would increase mill roll and coolant life.
Industrial water is used to transfer head from caster wheel (CCR) and coaster belt and must be filter as well. Typically, cyclone filter and sludge master are used for this application.
Complete system package including tank, pump, chiller / heat exchanger and control can be proposed.


  • Coolant Tank
  • Sludge Master
  • Cyclone(filter)
  • Gravity sludge separator
  • Supply Pump (Delivery Pump)
  • Transfer Pump
  • Cooling Pump
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Level Indicator
  • Control Panel
  • Chiller/Heat Exchanger
Copper & Brass manufacturing Industries

Suitable Filtration System for Copper & Brass Industries:

Cyclone coolant filter

sludge master coolant filter

Gravity coolant filter

Process in copper, brass industries:

  • 1. CCR Filter/ Cooling tower filtration
  • 2. Rolling mill filtration
  • 3. Wire drawing filtration

Assured Customer Benefits:

  • Superior Surface finish & Quality
  • Faster Operation - Optimum Cycle time - higher productivity
  • Superior Life & performance of tool & cooling lubricants
  • Superior Process Reliability
  • Reduce Machining cost per Components.
  • Environment and health safe working
  • Minimum space utilization on shop floor
  • Help to achieve proper R.A. (Roughness average) Value.

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